Shaft in africa sex scene

Shaft gets some training from Emir's daughter Aleme Vonetta McGee, from Blacula and the aforementioned Melinda before he makes the trip, but his efforts to romance Aleme run into two roadblocks. That wasn't the case nearly 40 years ago, when Hollywood invaded Ethiopia in the person of an African-American detective, with a British filmmaker at the helm. Shaft proceeds to Ethiopia and must defend himself against a never-ending series of would-be assassins as he tries to bust up the slavery ring and bring the evil Amafi to justice. As a regular movie, well, then we have problems. Melvin Van Peebles claims that MGM planned to convert Tidyman's lead character into a white man, but when they saw the good box office returns for Ossie Davis' Cotton Comes to Harlem in and his own Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, they decided to stick with the original version of the character. All this is a prelude to a job offer. It comes up short in both areas, but is still really damn fun and entertaining.

Shaft in africa sex scene

Jazar is a drop-dead gorgeous blond nymphomaniac, played by year-old Serbian beauty Neda Arneric. The idea of the fashionable, street-smart ladies' man Shaft going undercover in the wilds of Africa, armed only with a walking stick outfitted with James Bond leftovers, is a novel approach to the challenges of a second sequel. As second sequels go, Shaft in Africa is an entertaining, under-appreciated flick. From a visual standpoint, it's always interesting, making good use of the widescreen frame. Shaft in Africa benefits from solid production values. Shaft gets some training from Emir's daughter Aleme Vonetta McGee, from Blacula and the aforementioned Melinda before he makes the trip, but his efforts to romance Aleme run into two roadblocks. Young Ethiopians are pouring into Paris for work, but the men who are facilitating their illegal entry into France are, in essence, selling them into slavery to a evil white man named Vicente Amafi Frank Finlay. One, she is prohibited by tribal tradition from engaging in sex until she reaches the second stage of womanhood -- at which point she will undergo female circumcision. Tweet 0 Submit Viva Riva, which opens in New York, Los Angeles, and Portland today, "boasts a seductive combination of African mystique and hardboiled noir storytelling that makes for one seriously sexy crime flick," according to ScreenAnarchy's James Marsh. Whether that's true or not -- Shaft completed filming shortly before Sweet Sweetback was released, though the success of Cotton could still have influenced the casting -- Richard Roundtree won the title role, beating out Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and Paul Winfield, among others; Isaac Hayes composed a memorable musical score and a theme song that won an Academy Award; and Gordon Parks provided finely-honed direction. A few minutes later, he's kidnapped from his office by two Africans, waking up naked in a horse stable. Neither would it be likely to include heartfelt social commentary on issues as diverse as illegal immigration, slavery, and female circumcision. The movie is available on Netflix Instant, looking fabulous, for U. We know Amafi is the personification of evil because he commands his beautiful companion Jazar to give him a blow job in broad daylight in the back seat of his car -- and he doesn't even seem to enjoy it! The plot concerns Shaft going to Africa to infiltrate a modern day slave cartel. Apart from that, it goes down easy as a forgotten minor pleasure from the early 70s. Roundtree, Parks, Tidyman, who won an Academy Award for another film The French Connection , and other members of the cast and crew returned for the sequel, Shaft's Big Score, which came out a year later and was also a box office success. MGM released three more Shaft-influenced movies within the next 12 months: Shaft makes his entrance several minutes into the film, as a gang of kids steal the hubcaps off his sports car. There's no sign of Isaac Hayes, but the theme song by the Four Tops rocks. The latter arrived shortly before Shaft in Africa hit theaters on June 14, And so the movie goes, as scripted competently by veteran Sterling Silliphant In the Heat of the Night, The Poseidon Adventure and directed smoothly by John Guillermin pictured , The narrative moves at a brisk pace, allowing for regular sidebars of fighting, violence, sex, and wisecracks by Shaft. Emir appeals to Shaft's sense of brotherhood with his African kinsmen, but Shaft is unmoved until Emir makes a very attractive financial offer. However and this may or many not have to do with Guillermin being white , the film also comes across as rather pandering, racist, and offensive at times. Guillermin, 47, had more than 20 years of experience as a director before tackling Shaft in Africa.

Shaft in africa sex scene

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  1. Still naked, he engages in a stick fight with one of his abductors, and then is put to an endurance test in an overheated chamber. Before Shaft can even reach Africa, his cover is blown, but, hey, we're not even halfway through the movie, and the title is Shaft IN Africa, so that seemingly relevant point is waved away.

  2. It comes up short in both areas, but is still really damn fun and entertaining. Still, it seems to be making a good-faith effort to be socially conscious.

  3. There's lots of good action scenes, and this is by far the most violent of the trilogy. The movie is available on Netflix Instant, looking fabulous, for U.

  4. More significantly, it may have been the first Hollywood production to buck the long-established "white man in Africa" trend. Chris Weber Super Reviewer Shafts third adventure and the plot wouldn't look out of place in a Tintin story, albeit with a much higher body count if you're a baddy, you're gonna die.

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