Sex feel better without condom

Is one better or worse in feeling, no not really. In fact they even caused me to have infections, gross. The direct contact makes for a better feeling for many and more so at the end semen causes a chemical reaction in women that tends to cause a more satisfying or even elevated experience. These would be blocked by condoms. When you have the opportunity to test it though, then you will better know how accurate these things pertain to you.

Sex feel better without condom

That too can be awesome. But like I said, I only used one once. The difference I notice is that there is so much less sensation with condoms, even the ones that claim to be ultra thin. Sometimes condoms can actually cause pain if I'm not wet enough. There may also be feedback mechanisms between the penis and walls of the vagina that we don't know about. Friction is nice but only on the inside, not the opening of your puss where it gets sore. It is nice to not have to deal with the condom before or after use, and to be able to stay inside a little longer. The lack of the chemicals being released can make your brain associate a loss of pleasure, as well as it can affect your sex drive and even cause depression, same as quitting most drugs or chemicals would do to you. Two different kinds of guys. The smell, the gooey lube feeling, the coldness, everything. Honestly, I prefer sex with a thin condom. I used a condom once- hated everything about it. You can make condoms suck less by choosing the right size, and doing the lube trick. Ah, always a but. Sex is fucking fun…what can I say? That went on for about a month, because of the meds and the wait to get back on birth control. She had gotten sick and the medication she was put on nullified her birth control. They also feel kind of rubbery and awkward. It does feel different without, but I am uncircumcised and the tip of my penis is very sensitive, with a fragile frenulum. Also, the lubricants on condoms sometimes irritate me. Plus, cumming inside her is incredibly sexy. But, does that really affect overall enjoyment, for me no. The sensation is not as pleasurable for me, and I find that my vagina aches more afterwards. Since then I got on nexaplon and that was that. Or watching him put them on is good, too.

Sex feel better without condom

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