Premarital sex forums

As far as I know, there is nothing mentioned in the Holy Bible that premartial sex is a sin or not allowed, but I could be wrong, please advice! Now, this invitation isn't done in any old way. I constantly rationalized my promiscuity. Of course, excessive consumption of alcohol was involved in that one night stand. I understand completely that chastity is a difficult virtue to follow. The short answer is that sex comes with it the possibility of creating new life. There's lots more to it. God bless each and every one of you!

Premarital sex forums

I was aware of those important concepts, but I didn't agree with them. You are mixing concepts in your OP. When he gets out, he tries to shoot himself. Same as we get today. Chastity, like I said, is difficult. I would add to this the First Great Commandment: Sex before marriage with no though to eventual marriage turns babies into collateral damage The short answer is that sex comes with it the possibility of creating new life. Sexual immorality is a sin and it is what a person need to address and repent if they wish to go back to God, there are many that are quite happy to take the risk of been condemned, for those we need to pray, Christians are commanded to love others, so if they know you lost they will try to change you. And that we do ourselves a really bad turn when we pretend it is not the case. Very real consequences, that people don't see going in. You will verify these things with experience. God bless each and every one of you! Not a "playa-playa" or anything, but I did have sex earlier than most of the guys I hung out with, and, in those days, with much more frequency Also, don't think we are the 'first' to make these mistakes, there were people years ago, and years prior to that, who tried to do this, and they got burnt. The problem is that there is a whole life-style connected with casual and premarital sex, which is anything but wise. I grew up in a nominally-Christian household. It's populist in style, so there are a few holes here and there, but he does a good job of putting forth the arguments in an easy-to-understand style. We got tired of waiting so we decided to start without you. It is also easier to submit oneself to an institution which is divinely inspired, for the above reasons than to the will of this or that person. Of course, excessive consumption of alcohol was involved in that one night stand. The human sex drive is a powerful thing. That includes talking with each other, confiding in each other, trust. I'm familiar with Christopher West , but there are others. And you definitely do NOT see a fight by Christians to stop this behavior.

Premarital sex forums

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