Mustache sex

And dominant men can get more mating opportunities by intimidating rivals to stand aside. The research team then conducted a series of experiments, placing male and female fish into tanks, and measuring how long females spent in the company of males sporting moustaches of various lengths, or none at all. No one has ever been able to figure out why the fish have 'staches. Deans are left with one option: Researchers have therefore suggested that a second type of sexual selection may hold the answer.

Mustache sex

This behaviour is known as 'nipping' and is being investigated further by the scientists. The results were clear: Steve-O Bing is a happily married Brit who loves football and canned beer. A panel data investigation. Facial hair, however, has been shown to enhance perceptions of maturity, responsibility, dominance, strength, and self confidence. Football trumps all else. Shifting criteria for hiring reflect backlash toward agentic women. We asked 20 men and 20 women to rate the dominance and attractiveness of six men who were video-taped on four occasions as they let their facial hair grow. Because female fish dig it. Sex differences in academic rank in US medical schools in The most egalitarian of all professions: Although the scientists only tested the visual attractiveness of the moustache, they strongly suspect it also has a tactile function. Women experience considerable penalties in status and pay for taking even a short time off to care for children. Researchers have therefore suggested that a second type of sexual selection may hold the answer. Download powerpoint Discussion Individuals with moustaches outnumber women as department leaders in the US. Mentoring and the career satisfaction of male and female academic medical faculty. Two evidence based solutions that could be applied to improve this are the predefining of hiring criteria and innovations that allow women flexibility in scheduling their working days and years. Chicks dig mustaches, you know, biologically. A grand gender convergence: In addition to being discriminatory, the latter choice could have detrimental effects on workplace satisfaction and emotional wellbeing of moustachioed individuals. Just big Tom Selleck fans? Check out the official blogfest page to read other posts and enter to win some fabulous prizes. Does stereotype threat affect women in academic medicine? But my own gender identity started to shift, and it continues to do so. Finally, our sample was limited to clinical departments in NIH funded US medical schools, which could limit its generalizability. There are many planets out there — probably more than we can count.

Mustache sex

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