Milwaukee wisconsin tantric sex facilitator

Such energies are usually brought into our conscious awareness through our human senses: Notice what else you sense in your body. In my work with individuals and relationships of all constellations, I create an affirming place for folks who identify as poly, kink, and LGBTQ. As we work together to make your life better, I bring patience and compassion to the ups and downs of that process, and I can show you how to do the same. Presenting this information together here speaks to my holistic approach, however if you see me for talk therapy this means that you cannot also see me for massage or yoga instruction, because the ethical standards of Clinical Psychology prohibit having multiple relations with a client. Currently I offer services to individual adults and people in relationships on a sliding fee scale. Effective therapy involves a moment-to-moment experience of both feelings and ideas in order to understand the past, to live more fully in the present and to choose well for the future. Learn more at my website:

Milwaukee wisconsin tantric sex facilitator

I speak Swahili and have a staff of several clinicians who can provide similar services. I have over 15 years experience as a clinician and also work with active addicts using the harm reduction model. I work with clients in a warm and interactive manner, and adjust my approach based on the specific needs of each client. The Advanced Course Curriculum for Living: My specialties focus on reducing shame and allowing people to access their emotions in a healthy way. Adult individuals, couples, and relationship groups. As we work together to make your life better, I bring patience and compassion to the ups and downs of that process, and I can show you how to do the same. I welcome clients who are polyamorous or who are considering polyamory as a healthy life and relationship style. Please contact me for fee information I provide poly-friendly, kink-aware, gender-affirmative psychotherapy to individual adults and adolescents, with a particular interest in serving the QTPOC community. Tantra There are many paths to greater intimacy. Breath, Movement, Sound, Visualization and Touch. Learn more at my website: Tantra is an age old Eastern spiritual practice requiring no belief or faith, but rather an openness to our embodied experiences i. I can help you discover new ways to relate to other people, and to yourself, that will raise your self-esteem and make room for more joy in your life. I believe that men AND women can have lifelong, satisfying sex lives. With my background in sexology, sexual healing and various sexual and erotic lifestyles, I brings an unbiased perspective on any erotic topic you may bring up. I emphasize the body's ability to heal itself and the regenerative potential of the therapeutic relationship. I view therapy as a tool with which we can gain or reclaim access to options, be they in behavior, feelings, or thoughts. I practice somatic psychotherapy, meaning I understand emotions as physical experiences, or that physical, emotional, and mental factors are crucially interrelated. My work is heart-centered and strength-based. Tantra invites us to realize our own divinity by attuning to our natural energies. Providing therapy since , I am able to offer a variety of tools and techniques to support you as you change and grow in the ways that are import-ant to you. I think these sessions of double the customary length of the standard 45 minute "hour" provide the best use of your time and money. I believe that health of mind, body and soul are integral to us all. I'm a fountain of information. Providing services online allows me to charge less than if I were paying overhead for an office space. I do individual and relationships sessions as well as groups and workshops.

Milwaukee wisconsin tantric sex facilitator

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  1. Try This… Just sit silently with your partner for 10 minutes, holding hands, noticing what you sense and feel. I especially enjoy helping:

  2. One of these is Tantra. I am also trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and Motivational Interviewing, great for changing a behavior that no longer works for you, or re-training your reactions and beliefs.

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