Las vegas sex blogs

Why am I doing this? And now… a picture! A blanket or even a sweater or jacket will help keep your activities on the down-low, pretty much guaranteeing a satisfying ride. I have been featured in many awesome publications and online sites, but I need something to fulfill my inner artist: We counted no fewer than 17 power outlets in our Lucky Dragon room.

Las vegas sex blogs

Hitting it on the High Roller is going to take some big brass ones. Sort of like sex, come to think of it. Note that Las Vegas federal courts can still be involved, and can hand out sex punishments more severe than what the circuit courts provide. Many of those accused of committing any sexually-related crimes in Las Vegas had no idea that they were committing a crime in the first place. Basking in the High Roller afterglow. As far as we know, the new Lucky Dragon wins for sheer number of outlets above and next to its beds. I sat chatting away for a few hours, but little did I know that the heat and sweat and gravity had pulled my skin through the little holes. Either way, pace yourself. People have been joining the Mile High Club on planes for decades. So I am going to put some ideas together — a plan — and a maybe a Kickstarter-like project to get this sort of thing underway. Choose a ride time as late as possible, just before the High Roller closes for the evening. First, we learned men are far more likely than women to take an online sex survey. As any criminal defense lawyer will say time and again to outsiders, the City of Las Vegas does not support prostitution. The only thing standing between this Las Vegas blog and a threesome is two other people. Always bet your hunches. Tip a Ride Attendant This is a critical element of your quest to successfully copulate on the High Roller. One of the biggest risks in this sort of endeavor is other patrons who see your activities, get offended and complain. Ignoring these tips may result in arrest, international notoriety and in rare cases, death. You can still take the survey , ladies. Oh, and room reservation pros are never shocked when someone asks if their shower has a detachable shower head, so ask away. Watch the Time So, a ride on the High Roller takes about 30 minutes. When I first started out blogging I remember following other sex-worker bloggers and I noticed how some would post every day, then only sometimes, and eventually fall off the face of the earth. That sounds like a lot of time, but it goes by quickly. Beyond couches and chairs, ask about ottomans, office chairs, coffee tables, benches and night stands. In fact, both are considered crimes in majority of Nevada, except in certain areas designated by law. A blanket or even a sweater or jacket will help keep your activities on the down-low, pretty much guaranteeing a satisfying ride.

Las vegas sex blogs

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