Doody sex

Sean Doody and Arthur Georges. Given that the effects of insulin resistance on chronic disease are potentially modulated by both sex and APOE genotype, we examined the association between these factors and fasting plasma insulin in older adults with and without cognitive impairment. Carettochelydidae from northern Australia. Life history and ecology of the slider turtle. The ecology of sex, p. Journal of Animal Ecology

Doody sex

Others have shown that fasting plasma insulin has a nonlinear relationship with regard to cognitive function and dementia risk [ 30 ], findings that suggest either too little or too much circulating insulin may be harmful. The literature is rife, however, with contradictory reports concerning the relationship between circulating plasma insulin and cognitive functioning. The life history of a neotropical slider turtle, Pseudemys scripta Schoepff , in Panama. Biennial reproduction in the population allowed the examination of the influence of reproductive condition on home range size, movements, and activity. Google Scholar Georges, A. Thus, pre-diabetes states may result in higher or lower levels of circulating insulin depending upon which particular mechanism underlies the insulin dysfunction. Google Scholar Schwartzkopf, L. Chelonian Conservation and Biology Simpson , and Michael R. Individual data corroborate these findings, with females moving farther between successive sightings while gravid compared to while spent. Evolution of the relative width of the head and alveolar surfaces in map turtles Testudines: Conversely, reduced insulin secretory capacity as a result of pancreatic beta cell dysfunction is an early feature of type 2 diabetes [ 20 ], and thus abnormally low fasting insulin may also be a marker that presages the onset of diabetes. The book also explores the turtle body plan, its physiological and ecological consequences, evolutionary novelties, and their importance. Secondary sex ratio variation among populations of the flattened musk turtle, Sternotherus depressus. Activity, habitat, and population structure in the turtle, Trionyx muticus. The illustrations found throughout the text enhance the chapters combine with color illustrations of the development of the shell, aspects of bone structural diversity, growth, and skeletochronology, to make this book an unparalleled resource. As the contributors demonstrate, eighteenth-century anxieties over mortality, the body, the soul, and the corpse inspired many writers of the time to both implicitly and explicitly embed mortality and sexuality within their works. Contrary to previous reports, turtles did not appear to move into estuarine areas or lowland floodplains during the wet season but moved into the riparian forest and possibly into wetlands adjacent to the main channel in the vicinity of their dry season home ranges. Home ranges of females comprised 1—4 activity centers, many of which were associated with thermal springs. Camila Rudge Ferrara, Richard C. Radio-telemetry and tagging study of movements, activity cycles, and habitat utilization in Cagle's map turtle, Graptemys caglei. It provides a robust discussion of the development and diversity of the shell. Weckerly , Thomas R. Google Scholar Welsh, M. Vertebrate home-range size and energetic requirements, p.

Doody sex

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  1. Google Scholar Gregory, P. The current study examines the relationship between fasting plasma insulin and MCI and its subtypes in a population-based sample of older adults, with the goal of reconciling these seemingly incongruous reports.

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