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She started to move her hands when she felt him pull her skirt up, but hesitated. The school she attended had very liberal dress code and Tawny usually pushed it to the limit. She felt his hands on her arms. He felt Tawny jump as her ass burned from his palms. Michael stood next to Tawny. Michael grinned; his cock began to stiffen as he thought of the night that lay ahead, and the thought of Tawny, his baby girl, and what he was going to do to her.

Daddy fingers daughter sex videos

She thought about it for a minute and then all of a sudden it dawned on her. He soon taught her to masturbate his cock and finally to take it in her virgin mouth until he filled it with his hot cum. Tawny went into the living room, her father sitting on the couch. She shuddered as she felt a funny tingling as the finger brushed over it. If he did not stop, he would soon discover her secret. She got shivers up her back. School was mostly uneventful and after school she hung out with her best friend, Jessica. The repairman for the water heater was coming today at 4: Friday was the big dance. She quickly threw the towel around her and rushed inside her door, but not before Michael caught a glimpse of her ass, the towel not quite covering everything in her haste to draw away rapidly from the embarrassing situation. You both seem so distant lately, you alone watching television and Tawny holding out in her room or over at her friends house. His fingers found both budding nipples and his fingers bit down onto the nipple. Please, Daddy, think of something else? She had become very submissive, even to the detriment of her body being uncovered. We will discuss your punishment after dinner. The bulge in his pants felt huge against her body. He looked in her eyes. He felt her body shudder as he ran a finger over her asshole and felt her ass cheeks begin to tighten up. It was that important. She moved it back up, reaching her clit. She had worn thong panties today. Ann was gone on another one of her business trip, Adam already left for school, having to leave early for a football meeting before school. The fingers continued caressing her intimately as the pain radiated from her ass cheeks. What you have on is very suitable. Postponing the grounding until after the dance would not teach her anything except she could get away with anything. He still took good care of his body, a weekly routine at the gym providing for that. They were just starting to jut out from her body, small lumps appearing on her chest, young, tender breasts, waiting for their first experience.

Daddy fingers daughter sex videos

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