Club sex texas

After all, that's what its all about. Hatch, Paul, and Freedom Adults should be free to make their own decisions when it comes to mainstream obscentiy and obscene devices. We, along with a number of others left immediately and went to the Floor. There were lots of new couples, lots of great food, lots of regular attendees, and LOTS of play. ALL the couples there young and old rock! Thanks Y'all for a memorable weekend. We're just getting started in the LS, but this club has it all.

Club sex texas

Wonderful, fun, nice, friendly people. The club size, its parking, its people, their food, their DJ, their bar, the cleanliness, and the staff were all many levels above other clubs we've attended. We got in free at one club early on a Friday, but soon after we arrived followed two other couples to the 13th Floor. Energy Energy Energy Wow! The music was great and the food which we never expected was delicious. We attended Saturday's Halloween party and were blown away. Would you like to leave a review? Sending police into bust up adult bookstores is an embarassing waste of tax dollars. Boy were we surprised! And the owners are the best. Osama Bin Laden or Ron Jeremy? The office had some debate on prosecuting this case. On our first visit, the guy who did our orientation was very informative and turned an otherwise boring talk in to a jovial interactive chat. I'm telling you, let the couples come to you. She is so sweet and amazingly hot! Only been to the floor twice, and will be back 3,4,5,6,more times more. Love the club I'm a single guy. They need to keep this couple coming and make him bring her more often. Glad they called to get us on the list because we barely made the newbie cut-off time. They don't ever make exceptions to their rules. You may find all of our reviews by clicking here. Friday was good enough that we went back on Saturday. We've always felt secure and welcome there. We'll be back with all our friends as soon as possible and whenever possible! The DJ even walked me to my car at 3am. We were worried when we moved to Texas that we wouldn't have a place to play. The State of Texas has long considered sex between adults just another area for regulation.

Club sex texas

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  1. I have read the Constitution and I can not find any provision for the federal government to regulate porno. The owners spared no expense in decorations and food and the staff were well prepared for the VERY large crowd.

  2. ALL the couples there young and old rock! However, Texas law does not allow retail stores to sell inflatable sheep so the market responds with the mobile seller.

  3. The City of Duncanville recently passed an ordinance to shut the club down even though no illegal activity has ever taken place. The food variety is extensive, plentiful, clean and very tasty.

  4. We've always felt secure and welcome there. To that point, no one at the 13th Floor had anything bad to say about the other clubs we mentioned when we brought up that we had been to them.

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